Convert dynamic applications into portable executables

Create standalone executables from dynamic executables that will run on any distribution of Linux.


Supports Plugins

Support for plugins has always proved to be a big problem when deploying portable executables, with ELFex linker you can distribute the executable with all its plugins and dependencies included in a single executable.

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Supports Compression

ELFex linker supports 32 and 64bit systems, and is the only solution that supports compression of packed dependencies to reduce size, with ELFex linker its possible to have a final executable that's smaller than the parent dynamic executable even with all its dependencies included.

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Easy to Use

ELFex Linker has a simple to use and less complicated user interface for novice and expert users, all that is needed is to import the dynamic executable and then add other executables, plugins or data files and link. All these steps can be achieved in very few clicks.

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Perfect for Novice & Expert Users

You need little to no technical knowledge to use ELFex Linker, its is designed to be easy and simple to use

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